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Our story

Welcome home.

Between these walls and in front of this sea I have grown up and lived, together with my family, the most important moments of my life.

Everything here shows the influence and memory of my mother Annamaria, who has poured all her efforts and hard work into creating these welcoming spaces.
Without her help and the fundamental support of my father Riccardo, all this would not have been possible.

My precious assistant is my partner Claudia, with whom I take care of guests; at dawn she churns out delicious cakes to serve a rich breakfast on the terrace, with the extraordinary sight of the sea that surrounds, in front of us, also Stromboli and Panarea and that every day moves us.

The star of home, however, is our little Ginevra, just 4 years old, but the actual expert in the island, of which she knows every stone, every corner and every inhabitant.
She talks and smiles to everyone here and each child on the island is a little brother to her.

Since my mother is gone, I try to carry on her legacy of love and dedication, struggling every day to raise my daughter the best I can and teaching her the values ​​that her dear grandmother gave me: giving to the little moments of happiness in life a deeper meaning and always carrying in our heart a good and positive attitude towards other people.

This is the spirit we put in taking care of you at B&B Le Sette Vele, with our advices on how to move the best inside and out the island and our tireless efforts to provide you an unforgettable experience and vacation, in the typical style of this magical island.

Feel at home even while discovering new territories.
And .. relax, we will take care of everything else!”

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